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5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5
I recently had a flat and took my care to another tire shop in Beaumont. I was told I needed to replace both front tires and purchased two off brand tires and had them balanced. I was also informed that I needed a 4 wheel alignment. I took my car to Beaumont Tire for the wheel alignment and they checked my prior service records and informed me that I had a 4 wheel alignment in August 2019 and asked what made me think I needed to have an alignment. I told them another tire shop told me it was needed. They said that my problem might be wheel balancing. They took off the two new tires that I had purchased just days before from another untrustworthy shop and informed me that they had not been balanced and that was really my problem. They also told me the two tires I purchased days before were not high quality but they will "do the job for now" I highly recommend Beaumont Tire for their honesty and quality of service. They could have completed a wheel alignment and charged me again. I will be returning to them for any other service needs.
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